About Curaim

Curaim UK Limited was formed in December 2002 by employees of Curaim Limited (which was founded in 1974) on the retirement of its Chairman, Mr John Harris

We specialise in the installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation systems.  As Curaim Limited we had a well deserved reputation for excellence in this field, and it is a reputation we are keen to maintain. 

All air conditioning service work, installations, refrigeration pipework and commissioning is undertaken by our highly qualified team of Engineers. 

We hold a full "F Gas Stationary Equipment Company Registration Certificate" and all our Lead Engineers have attained their C&G 2079 Certificate which enables them to work legally on any equipment containing refrigerant gases.  It has been illegal since 4 July 2011 to use any Engineer/Company who does not hold this certification.

It is our company policy not to employ contract labour for such work as we feel that our clients' deserve the best, and we know that our Engineers have been trained to a high standard.

We have 3 no.  Accredited Certifiers under the BESCA scheme which enables us to advise the client's local council that any installations we undertake have been completed to, and comply with, current Building Regulations standards. 

We are also GASsafe registered which enables us to work on Gas Boilers (both domestic and commercial).  To meet client requirements, other building services namely lighting - electrical - plumbing - water and extract systems can be undertaken. 

The company also employs the latest computer technology which enables it to maintain an up to date client equipment base, thus ensuring that service calls are dealt with speedily, and annual maintenance visits are automatically highlighted when due. 

Finally - many people ask "why is it called Curaim"? When the company was formed in 1974 it stood for City and Urban Refrigeration, Air conditioning Installation and Maintenance" - now simply known as CURAIM

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