Planned Preventative Maintenance


  1. What is Planned Preventative Maintenance?
  2. Why do we think it's so important?


Planned Preventative Maintenance is the term given to the works associated with keeping equipment operating at its most reliable and efficient best, ensuring that its components are not working harder than they need, to do the job they were designed to do.

» Planned:

Time these works correctly - link the frequency to the use of the equipment. 

If systems are used heavily, then quarterly maintenance may be appropriate. 
If systems are used lightly then perhaps 6 monthly or even annually may suffice. 

Whatever your decision we would always let you know if the regime is appropriate for your equipment.

» Preventative:

Probably the biggest advantage of frequent attendance is to test and inspect the entire system.  This is an excellent opportunity for our highly trained, expert technicians to see how the system is performing. 

This gives us an excellent opportunity to diagnose issues that may exist or that may arise in the future.  Depending on the severity we will provide our recommendations and proposals.

The additional costs associated with not knowing about or dealing with a fault can be potentially significant. 

» Maintenance:

Keeping equipment clean and tidy, filters free of dust/debris, drains clear and free flowing and electrical connections nice and secure, helps ensure components work to design specification and not unduly stressed.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

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