Data Center - IT - Comms rooms

Data Center - IT - Comms rooms

Over the years, computers have become a crucial and important element of virtually every business.  Whilst the size and complexity of IT rooms may vary, one common fact remains - they all produce heat, and computers don't like heat.

When servers overheat, they can run slow, shutdown or even crash.  Whilst for some businesses this may not be the end of the world, for others the potential implications can be catastrophic.

It is not therefore surprising that the conditioning of the air within IT rooms has become both specialised and critical, requiring a great deal of care in both design and installation.  For example it would be quite easy to sell the virtues of designing a system to condition a data room, but it's not quite so easy to ensure the design ensures the heat output of the IT equipment is fully balanced in an effective and efficient means, whilst fully protecting the IT equipment and including contingency to cover the potential risks of AC equipment breakdown.

Naturally every situation is different and we pride ourselves in providing a bespoke solution to each clients' specific requirements.  In unison with Mitsubishi Electric, our preferred manufacturer of choice, we have been able to repeatedly design and install a wide range of successful systems.

If you have an enquiry about your Data / IT /Comms Room , then please contact us by any of the methods shown above – we stand ready to help.

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